Dec 10, 2012

Conquered: The Fear of Blank Paper.

Conquered: The Fear of Blank Paper.

But look at it, it is scary!

I just finished the first draft of my (hopefully) next book, after enourmous writer's block. Yay! Btw, did you know there is a real word for fear of the blank sheet?


Wow, what a word monster. It kind of resolves your problem. Just type that on your paper and it's not exasperating white anymore. After that you can type: 


...and you are half way there!

But I have to say that those are still pretty tame words, if you are a Finn, we have totally crazy componds. Our longest "real" word (though, I haven't ever use that before this,) is in Guinnes records, and it is: 


Loosely translated to words, it's something like: aircraft-jet-turbine-engine-assistant-mechanic-non-commissioned-student. 

I wish you all good luck with your papers. What ever you do, don't show them your fear, they take advantage of it!