Dec 11, 2012

Your Dreams for 2013 – “When My Baby Dreams” Calendar Contest

Your Dreams for 2013 – “When My Baby Dreams” Calendar Contest

What are your wildest dreams for yourself or for your baby in 2013? Write them down and you can win a copy of the When My Baby Dreams 2013 Wall Calendar!  

I'm probably not powerful enough (yet!) to make your dreams come true, like a fairy godmother or a good witch (though wouldn’t THAT be awesome!), but sometimes things really do happen when you write them down. Two years ago I wrote on my blog that I considered myself more of a storyteller than a photographer, and it was practically that simple sentence that turned me into an author. So dreams do come true! Rarely for those who wait, though. I believe revealing your dreams and making yourself responsible for their pursuit is paramount, so tell me…what do you dream???

There are three ways you can enter the contest.  Share your dream with me by… 

  • commenting on this blog post
  • commenting on the Mila’s Daydreams Facebook page (start your comment with the word, "I dream for......" and you’re in!)
  •  or sending your dream as an email to whenmybabydreams(@) (don’t forget to remove parentheses from the @). 

The deadline for submissions is December 14th, 2012—that afternoon I’ll pick 10 winning dreams and send personal email to those dreamers. Whichever way you enter the contest, make sure to include your email address so that I can get in touch and figure out where to send your “When My Baby Dreams” calendar, which, by the way, is the perfect holiday gift, hint hint : )

Thanks so much, and I wish all of you nothing but success in the coming year (and in this contest!)

With love,