Dec 13, 2012

Santa Lucia! Santa Lucia!

Santa Lucia! Santa Lucia!

Since I'm now in this "Go, Fulfill Your Dreams!" -mode, I had one  funny wish for myself too. To be the Santa Lucia and bring the light to this darkness. Today is Saint Lucia's Day.
I was at the gym today when I saw in TV new Finnish Lucia, and realized that it was one of my childhood silly dreams to be Santa Lucia -maid, and obviously that did not happen. In kid eyes it was princess-like pretty blond with almost frightening candle crown, (we all heard urban legends about misfortuned Lucia maids with burning hair),  I didn't care about the deeper message, since that was kind of grim story. There's multiple reasons why they never picked me, I'm not swedish speaking finn, I wasn't blond and pretty enough, I was not a strong singer, I'm not religious, and I was not exactly the "bring the light" -personality nor teachers pet as a kid…and most of all, I think I never even told anybody that I would like to be a Santa Lucia. Since I was unpopular ugly duckling as a kid, I was yarning that spotlight and little fame to make me believe I'm good and nice.

It is simple fact of life, that every time in school if somebody is chosen, others been rejected, even if they could be as good. In real life it's more like you are just not yet discovered.

And then I realized none of those reasons matters anymore, since I'm an adult and in control of my own life. I can be good and nice to other people, and then I am good and nice. I can be Lucia maid everyday if I want! Or Mrs. Lucia, since my maiden days are gone.

I was not up to playing with open fire and candles, so I made this picture: My Santa Lucia -moment. And since I was doing this,  why not to have thick eyelashes too? I've dreamt about them as well. Haha.

I sang to the kids this song. Vincent, my other light of my life (or light in my artistic candle?), is playing (a bit surprised) candle, meanwhile Mila was actually trying to break in her advent calendar and eat all the chocolate. So, now I'm going to fulfill her dreams too, and give her extra piece of chocolate today, just for today.