Dec 22, 2012

Christmas Tree: Birds & Stars

Christmas Tree: Birds & Stars

Original Scandinavian christmas tree is usually a bit moderate compared to it's sparkling and glamorous American cousin. There's straw ornaments, flag and paper chains, simple gingerbreads and candles. I wanted to have some elements from both, plus something funny, and wanted to avoid too fragile stuff…(since there's always this 2 years old little elf, sneaking behind your back and trying to eat all the gingerbreads) and not to go over the top with glitter stuff.

So here is my tree, there's paper stars and lovely little (fake) birds. Candy canes from America and gingerbread hearts from Scandinavia. Those little "red berries" are artificial flower stamens, and we had a great joy with Mila twisting those little berries around the branches. She was very good with those and I can tell she has eye for visual stuff from the way she was arranging those and giving me orders where to put stars. It's like she has a very strick vision about things, and how she wants them. (or maybe all 2 years old are that way...)

When I was a kid, watching the birds from the window was one of my favorite things. Since our current home doesn't give that pleasure to Mila, I wanted to give her joy to spot these little fellows from the tree, inside our home.

Ok, a bit more "proud mommy" -talk, but I just can't believe that MILA actually made that white snowflake! I think it's the coolest decoration ever!

And this is the tree from kids point of view. "...oooh,!!!"