Feb 28, 2013

Life Of Vi, Mi and Pi

Life Of Vi, Mi and Pi

I got inspired of these beautiful 'Life Of Pi' -posters and movie still photos, and just wanted to try my old tricks with the baby Vincent. 

Life of Pi


I bet it would have been easier to capture a real tiger in these pics than my son. 

He just wriggled and tried to strangle his toy tiger. As you can see.

Well, I guess there was no dream to catch. I shall call these: 'The Nightmare's of the Toy Tiger'.

And then, when Vincent crawled away from the scene and I had to chase him to the other room, I got a little surprise...


Peek-a-boo! Yeah, this was more like her thing anyway. I took a quick snap of her, since she insist. 

So, here's Life Of Mi: 

PS I haven't seen 'Life Of Pi' -movie yet, but I'm keen to see it soon. I've read the book 2 years ago and liked it a lot, such an amazing journey it was! I hope that movie is as amazing as the original story.

I bet it is.