Feb 11, 2013

The Daddy has a new hobby: Rescoring movie scenes!

I haven't been able to write anything about me and my news here in a while, since it is feeling that I'm using all the words in the world in to my other projects. The new book is bubbling under! In the mean while, here's something my husband has been up to! He is rescoring movie scenes with his music. If you are a film freak (like we are) or just love power of the music, you may find this blog interesting! Feel free to ask him to score your favourite scene!

(And if you are Mr. Ridley Scott, or some other person, dabbling around film industry, maybe you should hire him next time, because that Prometheus new opening is totally AWESOME, and it is not just because he has a great taste in wifes!)

PS. I had to add this photo of Lasse here, this post was looking so incredible dull without it.  

Maybe there is a hint of what film score he is planning to take over in his next blog post?