Dec 7, 2012

Best Of Mila's Daydreams Blog

Some highlights from my old blog

Fan Art Competitions, thank you for so many lovely fan photos! 

This was the real moment when I got the idea...

Rainyday raindrops fun (You can watch this animation I made in 4 hours)

NEW YORK inspired Chandelier

We made a lullaby for Mila, link in screenshot is not obviously working, but you can listen it from here:


Dec 5, 2012

Origami Heart Advent Calendar

I wanted to make a simple home-made calendar for Mila.
Since I had some left over origami papers from my wreath,
I googled "Origami Heart Envelope" and found these
folding instructions.

I tried to put mine in a shape of a christmas tree...
bigger heart would be nice too.  Or star?

I'm pretty sure that Mila is not one of my readers yet, so I can
reveal some of the little surprises I put in those envelopes:
Cute stickers and organic, fair trade chocolate chips.