Ms. Elena De Seren. There she is. My personal secretary who I'm going to blame for anything that goes wrong. She rarely does her job well, but that's probably because I don't pay her with money, just with baby books. And she hates babies. And kittens. And chocolate, flowers, hummingbirds, hugging and rainbows. Actually, she’s a Scrooge about everything nice, so it’s a relief that she doesn't really exist. But that's why I'm so lousy when it comes to answering emails and calls—I'm busy spending most of my time with my kids, who I do love, more than anything!

If you have inquiries about my books, anything publishing related at all, you can contact my great and charming literary agent, Stephen Barr at Writers House. E-mail:  sbarr @  (all together)

For VINCENT AND THE NIGHT -book PR in the US, you can contact my publicist Lauren Donovan at Penguin Random house in New York. E-mail: ldonovan @ (all together)

For When My Baby Dreams PR in the US, you can contract publicist, Caroline Sun at HarperCollins Children's Books in New York. E-mail: caroline.sun @ (all together)

☞ Pssssst, in case you really really need to get in touch with me, my personal email is surprisingly my


If you represent media you can send your interview/photo usage request via my personal email. Elena De Seren will forward all the important stuff to me, or else I’ll fire her. (That would be interesting...)

Since I was a freelancer journalist in my workaholic past, I gathered all the basic nuts and bolts and put together a simple story/press release about me and my baby photos, READY to use!

When My Baby Dreams: From Blog to Books.  How did it all start?

Blogging about my photos:

If you are a private person or from non-profit organization you can blog about my photos if you link back to my blog. There might be some already blogged, shared or stolen(without copyright marks) Mila's Daydreams photos, and Vincent photos in the web, but please, don't re-publish them in your blog or galleries.